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This family-friendly Halloween event allows marine explorers of all ages to discover the creatures that lurk in the depths of the ocean. The story of Stringy Jack is told as he wanders through a forgotten temple to illuminate the path. There is a treasure to find, candy and clues that families can release from the safety of their vehicles on the way out. Keep the spirit of Halloween alive during this unprecedented haunted season with this family-friendly haunted house event in downtown Irvine.

Get a taste of autumn and take it all - new fog art show, ride the train and hay cart, take pictures, and there are a few game stands that are disinfected for use, as well as a photo box for taking pictures. The little ones can join in and go on a pumpkin hunt on the covered wagon ride. After purchasing your pumpkin, you have several options that a staff member at the counter will show you

The day's festivities include a tree lighting ceremony and live entertainment with Christmas music and local art exhibitions. There is also live music, food trucks, craft activities, games and activities for the children. Video event that will benefit people affected by the COVID 19 pandemic and other organisations in the region.

If you are a visitor to the park and have any comments, questions or concerns, please contact a manager on duty or fill out the contact form below. Please behave yourself before visiting our park and if you have a comment, question or concern, please fill out our contact forms below for more information.

We want to assure you that we are working hard to open and maintain a clean and safe environment for our visitors and employees. While the pandemic situation remains fluid, please check the updated dates, times, tickets and ticket information for the COVID-19 security protocols before participating. The Night of 1000 Lights will take place in 2020 and is one of our most popular events of all time with over 100,000 visitors.

When the pumpkin patch has reached its capacity limit, family groups are not allowed in, and mouthguards must always be worn. To ensure safe physical distance, all guests must choose timed tickets and wear face masks. Guests must wear face protection and tickets for the Night of 1000 Lights.

It is recommended to arrive early to avoid queues and to ask for cooperation and patience during visits, as well as for the safety of your family and friends.

Guests can pick their own pumpkins from fresh vines, drive for an hour in a cart guided by a guide through the courtyard, watch the pumpkin being shot out of a cannon, or drive a tractor - the hay harvest. Families can enjoy magic shows, go trick-or-treating - or, at rides where they are live, give out candy in costumed ways. This is a great event for adults, young people and families looking for a touch of normality.

Guests can enjoy courses in the décor of Dia De Los Muertos, play monster skill games, eat lots of goodies, go on the outdoor terror trail if they dare, and play games and activities. While the game and other activities are suitable for all ages, the Terror Trail is recommended for children 13 years and older.

This event requires that all guests wear appropriate face coverings for the duration of the experience. Five tastings are included, but most tickets must be purchased in advance to participate. Starting price: $20 for children 3 to 11 years, including $10 for adults and $5 for children 13 and younger.

Please use hand disinfectants provided at the station or train station, or wheel-to-wheel disinfectant wipes and a hygienic towel.

We hope that by hosting this modified event you can help keep this autumn tradition alive for you and your family. In 2020, the Christmas Walk 2020 will be a reformatted and REIMAGINATED event celebrating and promoting CDMs, villages and businesses, while the entire community will participate in various holiday activities, activities and competitions.

This popular annual event introduces several security protocols from the time of admission to ensure the safety of visitors and staff. Tickets ensure a safe physical distance and the event has been modified and reduced to ensure the safety of visitors, as well as the staff of the wellness centre, volunteers and visitors alike.

There is also a lavish ride - through the area inhabited by Midnight Falls residents who will scare and frighten their guests when the saints creep up on their vehicles. For a socially-distant drive through pumpkin picking, Tanaka's farm in Irvine is the perfect place to ride the subway pickup truck on October 31.

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