Irvine California Fairfield Inn

The first phase of the Riverside Hilton Riverside Fairfield Inn in Huntington Beach, California, was initiated by Olson Development. Developed by Newport Beach - based at R.D. Olson Developments and Irvine - California Hospitality Group, the eight-story, 250-room hotel features unique design details and amenities that will add elegance to this iconic Southern California surfing city. The seven-story Riverside Hotel is scheduled to open in the late 2020s and will have more than 1,000 square feet of retail space, including a full-service restaurant, bar, lounge, fitness center and retail, as well as an indoor / outdoor pool and spa. Construction announces the construction of a new hotel on the famous Huntington Beach Pier, which attracts more than 16 million visitors annually. R & D Olson has announced the completion of its first hotel project on Huntington Beaches, a 1.5 million square foot hotel and entertainment center in Riverside, CA.

Each room features the latest in room technology, allowing guests to access their Hulu and Netflix accounts, all the way to the HDTV in their guest room, and watch their favorite shows and movies. We had a pretty good stay at the Fairfield Inn, but of course I would recommend staying in a hotel room instead of spending more time outside watching Netflix. When we returned to Joshua Tree, NP, we stayed in one of the hotel rooms for a few days and obviously had to watch Netflix, so we obviously would have preferred to stay in our hotel rooms rather than spend more time outside.

Deputy General Manager Charles Worley is responsible for the management of the Fairfield Inn in Irvine, CA, and all other hotels in the area. If you have any questions or concerns that are not addressed here, please contact the hotel's Customer Service Department at (707) 888-467-5555. Be confidential, your name and the Sandusky case are confidential (read Judge). Please apply personally at the reception or by e-mail to [email protected] or via our toll-free hotline 1 - 877 - 787 - 3200.

The Irvine office of WATG has been recognized as a leader in management of numerous Orange County hotels, including the Fairfield Inn in Irvine and numerous other hotels throughout the region. General Manager Debbie Stack has over 20 years of experience in hotel management, hotel operations and hotel management. In fact, Deputy General Manager Charles Worley is a former student of Stack and trained as a hotel manager at the University of California, Irvine's College of Hotel Management. Most recently, he served as the CEO of Irvine Hotel Group, a division of Marriott International, Inc.

The interior celebrates the rich history of Irvine Ranch, with an emphasis on natural light, natural materials and natural light, as well as comfort and convenience.

The hotel is on the outskirts of Twentynine Palms, although there are other hotel options. Legado, where Palos Verdes Inn is located, features a rooftop terrace and a private pool and spa, as well as a spa and fitness centre.

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More About Irvine