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Groundbreaking ceremony for the first phase of a new housing development in Irvine, California, was held on Tuesday, June 14, 2017. R & R & D. Olson Development, Inc., the developer of the new Irvine Community Residence Inn, has broken ground on its first residential project in California.

Developed by Newport Beach-based R & D. Olson Development and Irvine, California-based Pacific Hospitality Group, Inc., the eight-story, 250-room hotel features unique design details and amenities that will add elegance to this iconic Southern California surfing city. The 218,000 square foot hotel is designed to be integrated into the Irvine Spectrum Marriott Resort & Spa, the largest hotel complex in the United States and the second largest in California, with a total floor area of over 1.5 million square feet. Not only is it the first residential project of its kind in Irvine, and a theme that pays tribute to the city's history as the birthplace of the surfing community, it was also designed by Irvine-based architects WATG.

You can socialise in the clubhouse and pool or work in the local office located in the business district. The apartment building is just 2 km from the Irvine Spectrum Center, which extends beyond the apartment buildings. Work and socialize at the hotel or in one of the many restaurants. Laguna Beach and Newport Beach are nearby, as are a few miles (5 km) away, and the city's two largest shopping centers, the Orange County Convention Center and Irvine International Airport, are also nearby, both within 1 km.

Irvine is home to 135 hotels and other accommodations, and you'll find something perfect for your stay. The Homewood Suites at Hilton Irvine features a full-service restaurant, a spa and fitness center, and a pool and spa facilities. Stockton Boulevard is across from UC Davis Medical Center. Whether you're visiting the acclaimed University of California Irvine or just enjoying the spectacular weather, you can move into an apartment in Irvine.

The Irvine Spectrum Center apartments are 10 km from the Irvine Museum and offer a shared lounge, picnic area and computer. Spectrum Center Apartments in Irvine, Irvine, features a full-service restaurant, spa and fitness center, outdoor pool and spa facilities, and a pool deck and pool house.

For young professionals and students at Irvine University who want to stay close to campus, this rental is a profitable choice. The Irvine Spectrum has rental units ranging from 681 to 1335 square meters. The University of California, Irvine is located 5 miles from the Irvine Museum, and the region's business climate also benefits. We have access to a variety of amenities including a gym, gym, pool, spa and fitness area as well as an outdoor pool and pool house, making it ideal for extended stays.

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The Village Irvine Spectrum Center, conveniently located in Irvine, offers a variety of luxury apartments, condominiums and townhouses for sale in the Irvine area. The location is ideal near UC Irvine and ideal for those looking to stay anywhere, including shopping, dining, shopping, entertainment and office space. Take a look at the most expensive and affordable Irvine apartments and houses in Orange County, CA, and search for the best Irvine California luxury apartments and houses. ROO at Village - Irvine - Spectrum is an apartment located just a few blocks from the campus of the University of California, Irvine Unified School District (UCI).

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This enticing mix of hotel-inspired amenities and amenities in the heart of Orange County, CA appeals to a diverse group of travelers.

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