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The Brea Mall in northern Orange County is home to some of Southern California's largest shopping malls and the second largest in the United States. Pacific City and Huntington Beach are just a few miles apart, with a total population of about 1.5 million.

Irvine offers international flair and American classics and is a popular destination for international tourists. One stop on the bus tour from Japan to China includes stops in Japan and China as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

It's easy to understand why Makino's is known as the "Original Gourmet Sushi and Seafood Buffet" for its boundless cuisine that combines Korean and Mexican flavors.

We have team sales representatives who can help teams and entire organizations with anything and everything a team can want. We can work with baseball, softball, lacrosse and hockey teams to provide team colors, logos and equipment for the season.

Whether your team needs a new jersey or you just want the latest bat or stick, Monkeysports shows why we are the leader in sports goods retail. Specializing in hockey, baseball, softball and lacrosse, we also offer a wide range of slapshot lanes to ensure that players know what they are buying.

The Irvine Spectrum is the largest shopping center in Southern California and the second largest in the United States. This classic shopping mall offers a wide selection of clothing and accessories as well as restaurants, retail and entertainment. Fashion Island is one of Orange County's most popular shopping destinations with over 1,000 stores and more than 1.5 million square feet of retail space. Shopping is mixed - in beautiful parks with entrance to the amusement park, which you, the customer, pay.

In every grocery store there is a meat department, and you will also find a wide range of clothing and accessories, as well as a variety of food. So everything is easy to find, from clothes, shoes, jewelry, household goods, electronics and more. The mall also has a number of restaurants and retail outlets, including Whole Foods, Costco, Target, Wal-Mart and Costco.

With all major providers, MonkeySports offers its customers the opportunity to try out poles before buying. Customers can find their perfect fit in a variety of shoes, clothing and accessories. They carry a wide range of clothing, accessories and string accessories to deliver exactly the style the customer is looking for.

In addition to the skate service, most locations can offer sewing and maintenance services for sewing maintenance. Perfect for training jerseys and pins, this service is all about personalized jerseys for your sport.

Although service varies by location, it is best to contact your local MonkeySports store to talk to the repairman who will be responsible for repairs. Customers can use the Slap Shot room under the supervision of an employee to enable a test and demonstration of their new stick. With the new Slap Shot Room there is a new Sticks - Fit technology, which enhances the test / demo experience for the customer. The employee must be in your shop by 10: 00 a.m. on the first day of the month.

We can set up a special app on your camera to measure your shooting power and style to ensure you are using the right stick for your particular shooting style and the right balance. Our stick fitters will help you take your game to the next level and based on this information we have marked sticks ranging from specific flexes and kickpoints to find information about you.

We have the opportunity for our customers to take real pictures and see which stick works best for them. Our lacrosse heads steamed - tested baseball and softball bats in cages and made punch shots on a steam mini demo trip. Our skates fit perfectly at your feet and our staff have been specially trained in the latest baseball bat technology for every swing. Tailored equipment is also available at Monkeysports, where players can get baseball gloves and the store processes all the necessary parts such as barter, gloves and other accessories. Especially for the roller hockey market, our business can convert skating chassis to roller wheels.

Medium, junior and youth staffs are made available to all levels to test their strength and find the best stick for their skills. We offer demo boxes in senior sizes and we offer our customers a variety of different sizes, shapes and styles of sticks to ensure they behave and play climatically.

Roger's Gardens is presented in an innovative way and attracts buyers looking for creative ideas as well as people looking for design ideas. The healthy ingredients are tasty, fresh and beautiful, and the restaurants in Irvine and the international community are endless. Visit Robata Wasa if you are interested in healthy eating, healthy drinks and healthy lifestyle. There is a wide selection of food and drinks available to buy in local and international restaurants.

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